Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Kings Christmas List by Eldon Johnson, Illustrated by Bonnie Leich

When a parent's love is woven into the wood and paint of a playhouse............-a door is opened

Characters :
Emmy-Chhotta baccha ( a small child )
Shu Shu- a Dog (Emmy's Companion)
The King
The Horse- (of the Kings Carriage)
Cherry Bear- A teddy
A Boy and his Grandma-( Angels disguised as....)
A Small Child and her parents-( Angels disguised as.... )

A golden Glow and that's all
In the Book Emmy is a girl who is very kind to give her cake made for the king to a boy and his Grandma.
She also gives her Teddy to a girl who lost her's. This book is very great for kids to know about sharing.
Its great for kids from age 5-10.The illustrator gets a hats off from me.

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