Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chandamama Collectors Edition (Celebrating 60 Wonderful Years)

This book is outstanding.The stories are great, with lots of morals, pictures etc
The print is easily readable.There are many stories that come in the monthly magazine Chandamama.
This book gives us a glimpse of the magazine's progress in many years.
It has a story of how the magazine bagged great glory (with hard work of course).
Also how the Jagannath Temple came into existence
The art work of many old, Glorious artists.
This book is so great that I cannot epress my feelings in words

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knockout Entrepreneur

The book is billed as a publication where “Foreman shares his success secrets with aspiring and current entrepreneurs” ( Foreman walks you through what he believes are the core values to being successful for example; Know Your Foe, Listen to Your Corner, Keep Answering the Bell, and Make it Good.

In each chapter he discusses the definition of each value and gives examples from his real life. I’ll be honest I didn’t not enjoy this book. Reading it felt like a huge chore I needed to check off and it took me weeks to finish it. I love motivational books, my favorite kind is one that leaves you pumped and ready to make changes in your life – unfortunately this book doesn’t. After the first chapter it becomes one big advertisement for Foreman.

Now I know he has done amazing things with great success but it felt like every page was a big Foreman commercial. For example did you know George was, in , thought about being involved in, beef manufacturing, restaurant chains and green cleaning products? Yeah either did I but after reading about it so much I’ll never forget it that’s for sure.

The underlying advice is pretty good, but you have to wade through everything else to get to it.