Monday, November 16, 2009

Children Ask Kalam

This is the Publishers' Note in the book

Dear Children

Our President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, widely loved and admired by people of all age groups, is very popular with children. His humility, easy accessibility, simplicity, warmth and affection for children make them connect with him.

Everyday, hundreds of children from every nook and corner of the country write to Dr. Kalam asking him questions on a variety of topics. Sharing their concerns President Kalam takes time out to respond to these queries. Children Ask Kalam is unique collection of the communication between Dr Kalam and children.

This book brings Dr Kalam's view on a variety of topics to a wider audience. The president's answers bring to the fore his multifaceted personality. Though he writes in simple language, you will find that his answers do not shy away from addressing the most complex of issues. The letters have been selected carefully after much thought. For the purpose of clarity, the book is divided into six themes - education, science, children's issues, nation, spirituality and general. This book brings to fore the concerns of the children of this country and our President's initiatives to alleviate them.

We are confident that the book will help you develop an intimate understanding of our President's world view. We expect that the book with its unique and valuable information will assist you in developing a better understanding of our President and keep you well informed about various aspects you know little of but are curious about. We would appreciate your suggestions for further improvement

The former president of India Loves children and he compiles all the letters he received from children across India into a book
There are many questions based on
(1) Children's Issues
(2) Nation
(3) Education
(4) General
(5) Science and
(6) Spirituality

The most powerful question from this book (i think) is
How would you define a leader ?
A leader has the courage to face failures and take respunsibility for the failure and pass the credit to his team when they succeed. He always asks "What can I do for you? "

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